Cancer rising weekly horoscope

While you easily demonstrate the you-do-you policy, the sun has stepped into your opposite sign, calling attention to significant-other-ness. Your relationship zone is lit this season, so lift your gaze from the trail you're blazing and focus on one-on-ones. Foster the side of your life that involves someone important. You like beauty and charm, and could do with a little sweeping off your feet.

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This week, take a close look at exactly what you'd like to let go of in your current relationship, i. Visualize what you'd like, and how that feels. Write out your intentions and meditate on them with an open heart. This month spotlights your daily environment at work, which is great because you're a pragmatic sign that loves to shoulder the wheel and gains great satisfaction from traction. Make the most of the new moon by considering the relationships you have at work and how you'd like them to flow.

Perhaps a dynamic duo to share the load? Call in your ultimate day-at-work vision. The new moon is also about daily routine and a commitment to work-life balance. This week, focus on healthy food—organic and as fresh as possible.


Make a ritual out of your daily routine. Do something every day that beautifies and harmonizes your space. Check in daily for one-on-one time with a friend or colleague who makes you feel seen and heard. It's not always about going deep and meaningful; it's about adding some genuine pleasure to your day. This week the spotlight is out of your nest and warming up your romance zone, lighting up all that sparks joy and finding your twin.

For you, this zone is ruled by the sign of Libra, so activities will take on a rose-colored courtship vibe. To get your Romeo and Juliet on, jazz up your dating profile or simply plan some extra-romantic dates for you and your gorgeous one. Think beauty, the arts, and perhaps some predictable fall activities. Thank the summer for what it brought into your life, but it's time to plant your seeds of intention for the next phase.

Visualize and write up your goals for love, as well as any creative pursuits you'd like to call into your life. This zone is all about self-expression, so what does it for you, regardless of outcome? Don't deny yourself. Be sure to allow time to try new things as well as spend on activities you already know you love. This week begins with the sun changing signs from fastidious Virgo into lovely Libra. Welcome the goddess of beauty and love into your home! It might be time to feather your nest this month as Libra is the sign of interior creativity, so fluff up those cushions and make some new additions.

What a great time to close off summer by prepping your home for the coming cooler days and evenings. With the new moon also falling in this area for you over the weekend, it's time to manifest your ideal vision of personal space.

Into the Stars: Your Weekly Horoscope January 23–29

How do you want your home life to feel, what does the perfect scenario look like? A family dinner table with no screens allowed? Forgoing takeout in favor of easy home cooking? A closet purge? Whatever your vision, this is the week to start implementing. As the sun sashays into Libra, it forms a supportive flow to your sign. The relationships in your immediate environment are highlighted, so get out and about and make a few extra pit stops at your favorite local haunts.

Take the extra time to connect with people who cross your path, or even line up some coffee dates. What's happening with your siblings?

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It may be time to reconnect as Venus in the same zone suggests the exchange will be a pleasure. Get clear on your personal philosophies and be sure not to take on anyone else's if it doesn't resonate. After a month of being relatively carefree while the sun has been shining in your sign, it's time to change pace. The sun in Libra lights up your financial zone.

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This area suggests your value is partly thanks to your keen negotiating skills and ability to provide beauty, harmony, and artistic merit to all that you do. Consider collaborating as a dynamic duo. Find the Gayle to your Oprah and your combined talents may just sound like money in the bank. It's peak manifesting time with the new moon over the weekend, so let go of any self-doubt in your abilities. You are equipped with capability, so visualize and write your intentions around a healthy sense of self-worth, see your value, and own what you offer.

What would kind of figure would you like to make over the next six months or so? And how do you see yourself spending? What kind of investment or purchase are you working toward? All questions to ask this week. If you feel like the universe is singing your song this week, that's because it is. Happy birthday, Libra! The sun lights up your sign starting on Monday, accompanied by Mercury and your ruling planet Venus, the goddess of love and beauty.

Buzzing with great ideas? Share them, as others are drawn to you right now and ready to listen to your dulcet tones. Is Astrology Scientific? Cancer Rising makes you ambitious and dedicated, but deceptively vulnerable. You are cautious and not inclined to make the first move until you are sure of your ground. Unfortunately, you seem to attract unsuitable partners and may even be subject to a somewhat traumatic marriage.

Your tendency is to marry late in life, and to seek older or more mature partners, or those who represent an authority figure. You view everything through an emotional glaze, my dears and though you try to hide your vulnerability behind a tough front, this does not fool anyone for long.

Be that as it may, you do not usually allow emotional vulnerability to interfere with your ambitions and you have considerable personal magnetism.

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That emotional commitment makes you work twice as hard as anyone else and generally leads to success. You love to spend time at home and could be successful in any home-based enterprise. Ruled by the silvery moon, you have a changeable personality, although you can be quite caring and sympathetic when your nurturing instincts are stimulated.

You like to be "mothered" and may be guided in life by a strong person usually female.