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Keep the faith. I love this site. What psychological needs does part of the country have, that bind them to Trump? What is their brokenness? Why have they succumbed to an actor whose lies they consciously embrace? A human mind is a sensitive thing. The range of reaction, from say, feeling like you are having a bad day, to being inspired to commit criminal activity, is sometimes dependent on a personal moral code. Because, if any politician has lived immorally, it is DT. Why Christians can compartmentalize and ignore his immoral actions, including his old statement that he could kill someone and his base would still support him, means that they are willing to abandon the basic commandments of their religion.

They just do not realize the transference. We who are not under the Trump spell, need to understand what is happening here. Any insight on this? Thank you! Thank you Jeanne for your wonderful response. It feels very complete, and makes this insanity easier to understand. Sooner ors later the reality of who he is will no longer be hidden, and I hope they find the inner strength to be independent of his spell, before then. I hope they wake from their delusion soon; perhaps they can if they reconnect with the Jesus that they claim to love and admire. Thanks for finding this hit.

When I got that it was going to start happening, i. But that is not how wars are won. According to one theory which I found on the web military action will be used to forcibly remove Donald Trump from power and make him stand trial for his horrible crimes. That website does not specify a date for military action to remove Trump but neither is anything said on the site which precludes such a timetable. Rather than relying on positive thinking to somehow change karma, I am giving money to anti-Trump Christian pastors even though I do not actually believe in Christianity.

I am enough of a realist to know that the large number of pastors who stubbornly persist in supporting a dangerous despot and morally depraved president is a major reason why Trump has gotten where he has. So why not help the few Christian pastors who oppose Trump and are using public forums to get their message out? Turning public opinion more decisively than ever against Trump is necessary if we are to find political leaders in the GOP who will put justice ahead of blatant partisanship and power at any cost.

Your vision of a military person becoming president in , makes me think of martial law or an actual military takeover of the USA. If your updated predictions on the Trump presidency prove accurate, we have definitely lost our democracy! People overseas will know that America cannot be trusted to do what is morally or legally right.

CNN says that Donald Trump has been linked to at least 2 crimes related to the election. One is steering illegal campaign funds to his campaign. Sadly no Republican public officials have had the courage to call for Donald Trump being brought to justice on any crimes that Robert Mueller found. What we have is a totalitarian dictatorship on our hands where the Bill of Rights will effectively become a meaningless scrap of paper. Your prediction of greatly stepped attacks on the press is what all dictators do. A free press is the number 1 thing that is needed to protect all of our other freedoms.

Kelly, my long term predictions show that democracy will be saved. The Atlantic did a story likening the GOP and Trump as being under siege by the Mueller investigation and the other lawsuits and exposes. These onslaughts will keep adding up against him in the way that opponents lay siege to a city.

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Clearly he will not be taken down by any one event. He is too fortified for that— fortified with a corrupt and profit-oriented GOP, wealthy foreign powers, wealthy oligarchs, a powerful ultra right wing media, and his own sense of entitlement. We are under the thumb of a power base that took decades to build and will take time to dismantle.

But it going to crash and burn and when it does, it will be dead and gone for a very long time. That is why I focus my readings on the long-term, not just on the year ahead. In addition, and that Mike Pence will take over his position for the remainder of the term. She said that Trump will claim that he must leave office due to health-related issues, but the truth is that he will actually be stepping down because of some serious legal problems he will be facing at that time.

This serves as confirmation of what other psychics have said: that Trump will be replaced this year.

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What are your thoughts? Hi Justin, I recall when last reading the future back in December that when I was meditating on our collective that for March I felt a lot of agitation in the collective. When I throw cards on Trump right now, I see he is confident but I also see his confidence is not helping him the way it usually does. The majority of people are not listening to him right now. They are stressed about the shutdown and want it to end. Perhaps the tough guy stance is becoming anachronistic.

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