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I really appreciate you taking your time for this query. Thank you. There were two explosive political testimonies on Wednesday. One was Michael Cohen, the other took place in Canada. Such parallel events have occurred before.

There should be a chart for North America. The only period when Canada and the US were under common rule was between and when they were governed by the British. The Proclamation defined borders between the colonies and some land rights for Native North Americans.

Justin Trudeau – a toxic political scandal – Astroinform with Marjorie Orr – Star4cast

A chart for either the Treaty or the Proclamation might still be useful from time to time. Marjorie, thank you. I use two charts for Canada. Of course the first would be July 1 at noon in Ottawa.

Police investigating after shots fired into Courtland Park home

That chart has among other things a Pluto in Taurus opposition to Saturn in Scorpio. Uranus will now enter Taurus. The only time this has happened before was in , which of course began a very harrowing period. The other is the Statute of Westminster, 11 December , relocated to Ottawa, when Canada became a sovereign country. This chart also has a Saturn-Pluto opposition, this time from Capricorn to Cancer. Since then, every Saturn return and every Saturn-Pluto conjunction has brought major constitutional and political developments, many of them involving Quebec. I could not see what would happen this time, but it is now slowly becoming clearer.

Interestingly, the leader of the Conservative Opposition, Andrew Scheer, who called yesterday for Mr. His Sun is in the early degrees of that sign.


The federal election will be held October 21 under a recent set-date law. I am grateful for your time.

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Would a chart for patriation of the Canadian constitution on April 17, set to Ottawa not be a more appropriate chart for Canada becoming a sovereign nation? It would be interesting to see if Saturn-Pluto play a role in that chart too. The patriation of the Constitution had nothing to do with sovereignty. The Statute of Westminster provided that all amendments to the Canadian Constitution would be approved by the Parliament of the UK pursuant to the wishes of Canadian authorities.

The British Parliament was essentially a caretaker from that point. The Royal Assent was signified in the House of Commons some time between 12 noon and PM on 11th December you will have to look at the items immediately before and after the actual Royal Assent to get the timelines.

However, Acts of Parliament come into force at the beginning of the day on which they receive Royal Assent. The Statute of Westminster was adopted in London of course, but it applied to a half-dozen autonomous colonies, including Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. To complicate matters, it did not apply uniformly, but as it was the fruit of multi-party negotiations, sovereignty was conditional in some cases on the approval of the local parliament. For example, Australia was initially reluctant to go ahead even though it had the power to do so. In the case of Newfoundland, it never availed itself of the possibility of sovereignty provided by the Statute, remained a British colony through WW II and joined Canada instead in

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