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An outwardly arrogant shell covers up your own crushing self-doubt. Taurus zodiac sign on space background.

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This is a place where very little happens, where people remain stuck in ruts of their own making for centuries, where progress has stalled under the reign of a dogged and stubborn Taurean god. Break free! A relentless search for where the grass might be greener prevents you relaxing in your own backyard. Moody, needy, passionate and unhinged. Mad, bad and dangerous to know. You love and hate harder than anyone else. A judging, sneering critic who focuses on the negative at all times, and is intent on pointing out your dour observations to others too.

That said, I know that you direct twice as much negativity at yourself as anyone else. If you were nicer to YOU, life would be easier you know. Libra zodiac sign on space background. Push comes to shove when dealing with a friend who does the unexpected or surprises you. You might not want to be distracted, but you are anyway.

Tonight: As you like. If handled quickly, the issue could vanish easily. Touch base with a loved one or a partner you care about. You might be looking at a financial agreement. Tonight: Follow your heart. Tap into your creativity. You'll find an acceptable path. All will seem to dissolve away. Tonight: Acting as though there's no tomorrow. You start the day energised but, sure enough, suddenly find yourself wanting a nap. Listen to your body; take a power nap. Tonight: A partner or associate stuns you with his or her words or actions.

Know what you ultimately want from your budget.

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Midday, you could be distracted by what's going on. Others seem unusually unpredictable. Maintain your sense of humour. Tonight: Visiting with a favourite friend. This afternoon you might be confused by another person's reaction.

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Stay more on target; know what you want and desire. Tonight: Keep to your budget.

Midday, your energy starts changing, and you'll feel far more dynamic and efficient. Use this period well.

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Tonight: Full of energy. You might have important business or want to connect with a friend. Tonight: Off to the casino. April May A must appearance seems inevitable. A friend or associate could react in odd ways. The response that you draw could cause you to react in a surprising manner.

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  8. Tonight: Know that you don't have to do anything. Just stay centered in your desires. May June You easily read between the lines when having an erudite conversation with someone at a distance. You might not see eye to eye with this person.

    Give yourself time to digest what's been said. Tonight: Contain a knee-jerk reaction. June July One-on-one relating draws your attention and proves to be the right path to your goal. You might be surprised by some of the feedback that a friend or work associate gives you.

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    Tonight: A force to be dealt with. July Aug. In the a. An afternoon discussion puts a new slant to his or her verbalization and intention. Remain positive in the face of another person's reactions to you. You might not be as clear as you should be about this person's motive. Tonight: Out till the wee hours.

    Toss yourself into a project and know that the response you're receiving is directly reflective of your thoughts and actions.